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Ulitmate Results Consultation

"Give a girl a good hair day and she can conquer the world"


The Ultimate Results Consult $59

Who is this for?
Our Ultimate results consult is for clients that want to invest and commit to achieving their
very best hair ever. You value the quality of professional products and advice, wanting to
prioritise results and maintain them consistently.

Where do I begin?

Shortly after your Ultimate results consult appointment is booked, you will receive an online form to complete
via our booking software Phorest. The form consists of multiple choice questions to give Julia a basic
understanding of your hair ‘pain points’ prior to meeting. Once completed Julia will review the
information allowing her to plan effectively for the face to face consultation appointment.

The Ultimate Results Consult
Your consultation with Julia will involve a 45 min deep dive into your current hair issues, your
ultimate goal for incredibly hair and a maintenance plan to sustain the results all year round.

During your appointment, Julia will discuss your form answers with you and together identify any
potential life factors such as budget, time restraints or life commitments that need to be considered.
Based on the findings, Julia will provide you with a Hair Investment calculator, detailing the cost of
services and home care products required to achieve your ULTMATE results outcome.


We are now well on our way to achieving beautiful hair. It's time to commit and book your
appointments! Consistency is key to achieving our desired results and maintain them once we are
there. Ideally, we will book 6 months of appointments at a time and will ensure all are listed in your
take home Hair services and product plan.

At the end of our Ultimate Results Consult
You will leave with,

  •  Purchased home care products

  •  Service & Product plan

  •  Hair Investment calculator

  •  Detailed information of your purchased products.

  •  Complimentary basin treatment on initial hair service

  •  Clarity and understanding of your hair needs and how we together will achieve them.

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